Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Leech or How To Make Money From your Panic Attacks

WARNING!!! This a political Rant...

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OK. Is everyone ready? Here goes...

Mother. Fucking. Commie. Liberal. Pukes! What in the name of Sam Hill have we been doing while our Social Security program has been systematically redistributing the wealth of the working men and women of this great nation? Evidently we should keep a closer watch on things.

I have a story. It's a sad story about money being stolen from the working class and then handed over to those with no class... In this story, there are villains, several million suckers, and no heroes.

In this story, one of the suckers is also a villain. And by sucker, I mean she sucks. On so many levels. She sucks as a person. She sucks as a parent (not one of her three children has finished school.) She sucks money out of my pocket (and yours). She sucks copious amounts of Bolivian marching powder up her nose on a daily basis. I'm sure there are more ways that she sucks, but I refuse to visualize any further. Suffice it to say that if you hear a sudden loud sucking sound anywhere nearby, please keep a tight grip on your money. I'm trying to be nice here, since she is a relative, but her latest suck-fest has put me over the fucking edge. She is The Leech.

A little background. It is commonly known in my family that The Leech has a serious drug problem. In fact her father left her with three, count them, three glorious homes, fully paid for. Within these homes were a small fortune in antique furniture and WW2 memorabilia, one piece is even rumored to have been worth nearly a million dollars. Also left to her were at least a few automobiles. All in all, it can be calculated that she was GIVEN well over half a million dollars in assets if not more. Where are they now? Up her nose. Gone. Also gone is the willingness of any of her family to "loan" her anymore money, because she thinks that the phrase "Can you loan me?" means "Can you give me?" She is a leech. She's out of options. Or so it would seem...

Enter villain number two. Social Security. The very agency that claims that it can manage our retirement funds better than we can. Not. Over the last few decades, the amount taken out of every working persons paycheck to support SS has increased, while at the same time the number of people falling under the "qualified recipient" category has increase, due to the liberalization of the term "disabled" among other things. This math is not working. I'd much prefer to decide for myself when and with whom my retirement funds are deposited. I couldn't do worse than my government. Especially when a fucking asshole like The Leech can convince the idiots at SS that she is mentally ill and therefore entitled to SS payments.

Let me define "Mentally Ill" as it applies to The Leech. She claims to suffer from anxiety attacks (although anyone who knows her has never witnessed a single instance of said anxiety). She claims that she can't focus well enough to hold down a job (it would help if she would get off the coke and pain pills. Getting the Jones at work would shake anyones focus. No shit you can't work.) I personally know, as many of you may, several TRULY handicapped individuals who have secured employment and are fully able to function in their jobs. But The Leech "can't" work and, it seems, never could. She claims that this "disability" (read lazy and preoccupied with the next line of coke) qualifies her for Social Security payments. And here is the kicker. They. Fucking. Agree. I'm not making this up.

In fact they agree so much that the Leech will now be receiving $400 a month in disability, on top of her Welfare or TANiF or whatever they are calling government sponsored redistribution of wealth these days. Fucking commies. The next thing you know they'll outlaw religion & freedom of speech. Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say Christmas outloud?

$400 dollars a month on top of food stamps and any other money she can suck out of her comrades at the State. She's an expert in the entitlement/victim role required by Big Brother these days. Yeah. That's it bitch. Suck on that government tit. They'll give you what you need or at least the money to get it for yourself. And watch for your free razors & mirror in the next pack of federal coke money you receive. But that's not all and I digress. Oh no, that's not all there is to this story at all. If that were it, I wouldn't be so livid. Get this...

The Leech has now successfully sued Social Security for BACK PAY! You heard me right. BACK PAY. "Hi Mr. SS. I've been mentally ill my whole life, so you owe me payments from several years back. OK?" No, Not OK. Go get a job, lazy scum. And Fuck yourself, Leech. Lets make it easy. Go get a job fucking yourself. On stage. That's what a lot of crack whores are doing these days. Might work for you. I doubt it though. You are starting to look like a pale, moist larva.

Oh. Sorry. Got a little carried away there. You want to know how much she got? OK. How does the tidy sum of $51,000 strike you? $51,000 "back pay"!!!! (Insert heavy, labored, angry breathing here) That's OUR money! Yours and mine. We're supposed to retire on that! I mean, that's the promise made when the feds sold us this program, right? Well, if you want it back, look up The Leech's fucking nose. It'll be there soon. Maybe she'll O.D. I can dream. This is precisely why I think drugs should be legal. Let all the fuckers kill themselves off so they can stop being a burden.

Whew! I'm exhausted now. I get emotional. That happens when I think about how I go to work every day so that I can support two families in addition to my own. And I never even get a Christmas card from my son-of-a-bitching phantom dependants. Sorry again. Said the Ch*#$ word....

Well, I better go before I have a heart attack. My brain hurts. I'm feeling a little anxiety coming on. Hey, maybe I can get some money for that.

P.s. one last thing. The SS sent her a letter of apology for not getting "her" money to her quicker. Nice to know they care.


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