Thursday, April 06, 2006

Congress Working Together; What A Concept..

Finally, a little productivity & compromise from our 'leaders'... If you've been tuning in to this blog for a while, you will have seen my rants regarding our federal governments inability to get anything done. I have lamented the lack of collaboration between parties and the lazy finger pointing vote harvesters refusal to simply do their jobs.

Well, there may be hope. Granted, both parties had a lot at stake in the immigration battle. Neither party wanted to be proponents of walling up America, nor did they want to give blanket amnesty to illegals. Therefore, they were essentially forced to work together to find an appropriate solution. I think they came up with a fairly decent bit of legislation.

Here it is in a nutshell:

"In general, the compromise would require illegal immigrants who have been in the United States between two years and five years to return to their home country briefly, then re-enter as temporary workers. They could then begin a process of seeking citizenship.

Illegal immigrants here longer than five years would not be required to return home; those in the country less than two years would be required to leave without assurances of returning, and take their place in line with others seeking entry papers."

A little compromise can go a long way. I feel like I'm talking about my kids here. Well kids, you may have been forced into working together towards a goal, but you proven that you could. Good job today. Did I just actually say that?Amazing.

Jason out.

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