Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MIT Prof Says Universe Is 'Large Quantum Computer', and Yes. I'm a nerd.

For those of you out there who are seeking a meaning to life, read this story.

MIT Prof Says Universe Is 'Large Quantum Computer'

When your done reading, consider this;

If the universe is a huge computing system (I reject the notion of a giant computer as it is too biased by our own current level of technology, I like "Mind" better), then what is the role of consciousness? Is self awareness an intrinsic component of this system? Is the "Soul" part of the circuit?

Did you know that we humans can effect change on a quantum level, just by observing quantum processes? It's true. The very act of human observation "selects" for a specific outcome, completely devoid of any physical interaction. Just ask my good buddy Albert Einstein.

Are we fragments of the Mind working out a larger destiny? Who knows. Just a question.

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